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Thank you for subscribing to our vendor’s platform! We are pleased to have you do business with us.

To ensure that you have a smooth navigation on our website in uploading your products, we have created a detailed guide on how to successfully get your products uploaded.

Please, follow carefully.

·         LOGGING IN: The first step is to log in with your unique  E-mail and Password. Having done this successfully, you would be directed to the HOMEPAGE (Dashboard).

On the dashboard (the icons that are on the topmost part of the page), click on PRODUCT.

 ·         UPLOADING: When you have clicked on PRODUCT, a drop-down appears consisting of a few SUB-ICONS. You are expected to click on the first SUB-ICON which is NEW PRODUCT.

Clicking on NEW PRODUCT takes you to another page where the uploading takes place.

 There are two methods to upload your products which you could choose from.

   METHOD 1:

The first method could be accessed via a laptop only. This first method utilizes the efficiency of the Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and is quite easy and quicker to use especially when making mass uploads.

To make uploads using METHOD 1, follow these steps.

STEP1: Click on SELECT CATEGORY and choose the category of the product you would be uploading. Next, click on SELECT SUB-CATEGORY.

STEP2: Click on Upload file.

STEP 3: Click Upload Product Info.

That is all.


The second method could be accessed via a laptop or a smart phone but it was especially designed for smart phone users. METHOD 2 is quite straightforward and easy to make use of.

 To make uploads using METHOD 2, follow these steps.

 STEP1: Click on SELECT CATEGORY and pick the category of the product you would be uploading. Next, click SELECT SUB-CATEGORY.

After choosing a SUB-CATEGORY, click on ADD NEW FORM to start uploading the product’s information.

 STEP2: Next, enter your product’s information accordingly in the spaces provided.

 STEP3: When you have filled in your product’s information successfully,

                                                         i.            Click on ADD NEW PRODUCT again to enter another product’s information (if you have got more than one product to upload for the category picked earlier).

                                                       ii.            When you are done, click on SAVE PRODUCT.

   NOTE: If you have other products to upload that are not related to the earlier selected category, repeat the listed steps, beginning with selecting a category and sub-category.

   Now that you have successfully uploaded your product’s information, the next step, which is an                   important one, is to get a picture(s) for each of the products uploaded.

   Please note that the picture(s) should be of good quality, taken on a white background and saved with product name as uploaded. When this has been achieved, send the pictures via e-mail to

    NOTE: At the completion of these outlined steps, your application will be uploaded on the website in the next 48 hours after perusals.


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