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About Us

Vemart Expert Trader is Nigeria’s No 1 dedicated and trusted online and Offline shopping mall. We deliver 100% authentic and certified products at best prices, offer best and comfortable payment gateway, and renders quality customer service for outstanding shopping experience.

We deliver a transparent and clear transaction, we serve both wholesale and retail customers, responding to every complaint and resolving customers’ challenges in the shortest-terms possible. Our product range covers categories such as services, Industrial raw materials, Fashion, Healthcare, computers, Phones, Home and Office Appliances and so much more.

Our services are centered on delivering a high quality customer care satisfaction and our purposes are geared toward improving our customers’ shopping experience through innovative ways developed to gratify convenience, simplicity and pleasure.

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We are on a mission to build the most dedicated and trusted online mall to drive the commerce and trade in Africa.

Our Values

Our works, transactions and deals are transparent and open, we are an organization of high integrity and we are trustworthy.

At Vemart Expert Trader, customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority. We ensure that our customers’ needs and requests are resolved and met.

We work with teamed up efforts and a single interest to meet our customers’ needs. We understand that only through hard work and determination we will be able to build a long lasting/firm organization.

Our market is built on passion, sacrifice and team work to make sure that the vision and mission of our brand is met.

We are dynamic, in constant search of upgrades, trends, new ways/advancement and innovation in order to give our customers the best.

Our Strength

Our range of services are designed to ensure optimum levels of convenience and customer satisfaction with our detailed wholesale and retail processes; these services include

1.    Advertising and propagating your business and products,

2.     8-day free return policy,

3.       Ensured order delivering-tracking,

4.       Dedicated customer service support and many other premium services,

5.      Offer best and comfortable payment gateway.


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